EHA 2023 Actero Sponsorship

EHA 2023

Actero company sponsored hematology oncology specialists in European Hematology Association, Being one of the most important event in the field of hematology in order to have more access to the latest scientific update.

Actero Support in Congress 1400

Actero company is honored to participate in Radiation Therapy Congress and also Hematology-Oncology Congress, in order to carry out its responsibility of supporting the patients related associations, and to play an active role in improving the scientific level of our country in the journey of cancer treatment. If you would like more information about this […]

Best of ASCO 2021

The aforesaid seminar has been held for the first time in Iran with the hospitality of Isfahan city, with the cooperation of Radiation-Oncologists from all over of the country and Actero Pharma. The goal of seminar was to be shared the latest update of ASCO congress, which is one of the most creditable congress of […]

“Uro-Oncology Tumor board: Challenges of Prostate Cancer Treatment” (Semi-Virtual)

Uro-Oncology research Center of Tehran University of Medical science, in cooperation with Actero Pharma has held a semi-virtual tumor board “Challenges of Prostate Cancer Treatment”, where the newest data of prostate cancer treatment has been shared, which were followed by some real case presentation. We are honored to have such a terrific collaboration with the […]

Lung Cancer & COVID-19 Webinar.

Regarding the Importance of experience sharing about Lung cancer patients with COVID-19 complications, a multidisciplinary virtual Meeting was held on December 3rd 2020, with the topic of “Lung Cancer & COVID19” with the presence of Dr. Khosravi (Medical Oncologists), Dr. Seifi (Medical Oncologists), Dr. Salimi (Medical Oncologists), Dr. Kiani (Pulmonologist), Dr. Naseri (Radio Oncologist), Dr. […]

“Updates on Colorectal Cancer” Webinar

Iranian Society of Radiation Oncology (ISRO) & Actero cooperated to hold a webinar, “Updates On Colorectal Cancer” on December 10th -2020, with the lectures of Dr. Mafi(Radio Oncologist), Dr. Yaghoubi Jouybari(Radio Oncologist) and Dr.Joudi(Radio Oncologists),followed by a discussion panel with presence of Dr.Taghizadeh (Radio Oncologist)& Dr. Motlagh(Radio Oncologist). At the beginning of mentioned webinar, we […]

Spending the cost of Bortezomib ACTe launch for the first injection of patients in need.

Considering the current situation in the country and taking into account the needs of patients, Actero Company decided to spend all the costs related to the unveiling of the drug Bortezomib ACTe on the first free injection of patients’ candidates receiving Bortezomib. Therefore, by delivering the drug sample to physicians specializing in this field, treatment […]

Breast Cancer Webinar

Simultaneously with the unveiling of Onkotaxel (Docetaxel of Actero Company), a subspecialized webinar was held on July 23rd with the presence of Dr. Safa Najafi (Medical Oncologist), Dr. Samiei (Radiotherapy Oncologist), Dr. Azimi Nejadan (Surgeon) and Ms. Dr. Ehsani (Pathologist) on August 2. The webinar discussed the latest updates in breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, […]

Production and launch of Favipiravir and Remdesivir in Actover Pharma group

With continuous monitoring of international research and protocols, it was suggested to produce drugs in the treatment of Covid-19 in the Actover group, as a pioneer in the production of drugs needed in Covid 19, the group unveiled two drugs, Remdesivir and Favipiravir. It should be noted that these two drugs have entered the official […]

Injection production line opening

After opening and operating the injection drug production line last year and increasing its production capacity in order to expand the product basket portfolio in the New Year, Actero factory, which specializes in the production of cancer drugs, intends to meet the needs of cancer patients in most treatment protocols. At present, Bortezomib, Pemetrexed , […]